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  • Xbox One Wireless Controller Black Color

    Sold By: ytechplusconsult
    • Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10
    • Includes Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets
    • Features a solid blue finish and textured grip
    • XBOX 360 wireless controller gives you all need in your Xbox 360, it works perfectly. stay wherever you want to stay and play your XBOX 360 games. what more can you ask? get yours today and enjoy your XBOX 360


  • Samsung Gear Vr – Virtual Reality Headset

    Sold By: ytechplusconsult

      3D Virtual Reality Headset Glasses is a new trending, wear a 3D glasses and you will be able to enjoy the 3D movies and games. This is the best way to get into virtual reality for cheap with comfort and satisfaction! You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use long time with the resin lens. Convenient to use for watching at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing. VR box Virtual reality glasses gives playing a game or watching a video a whole new dimension. The comfortable headset turns your smartphone into a VR glasses and lets you enjoy VR games or videos. The virtual reality glass is suitable for smartphones

  • 20% MACN|80% PAYMENT

    Free Shipping Audio Electronics DC5V Video Converter PC To TV | MACN

    Sold By: Afobuy Nigeria

    Free Shipping Audio Electronics DC5V Video Converter PC To TV Compatible Cable Hardware Signal Transit has the Best expierience
    It is also super fast and easy navigation
    It has better control

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      Hint: 365 NAIRA = 1 USD

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