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  • Zealot B26 Wireless Headset

    Sold By: ytechstore


    Brand Zealot


    1. Intuitive and sensitive touch control panel

    Just use your fingertips: clockwise to increase volume and counterclockwise to increase volume. Tap to play/pause/receive calls/hang up.

    2. Powerful 3D stereo sound quality

    The 50mm high-performance speaker driver unit provides you with an on-site, complete, rich, and realistic music audio experience with a humpy b stereo sound quality and exceptional clarity.

    3. Ergonomic design for comfort

    The adjustable and expandable headband fits all head sizes and will remain on your head during a rigorous workout, and the Super Sponge Earmuffs ensure comfort and stability throughout the day.

    4. Custom earmuffs

    Adjustable and flexible ear caps for different face types for optimum sealing. Rotate the design for better storage.

    Sold By: ytechstore

    Zealot B26 Wireless Headset